Purpose of Research

The general aim of the 2001 expedition is to continue the reconstruction of the development of the environment and the fauna in the Malawi-Rift using data of the fossil material and of the sedimentation history. Palaeontological data lead to the exact knowledge of facies and stratigraphy as well as bio-geography, ecology and evolution of the fauna in the Hominid-Corridor area.
Knowledge of the relationships between South- and East-African Pliocene fauna can thus be gained. This results in knowledge of the evolution and ecology of Lake Malawi and, with the finds of hominid fossils, also in new ideas on systematics and evolution of early hominids (Australopithecus, Paranthropus, early Homo) and their migration routes during the Pliocene.

Watch the video interview with Harrison Simfukwe and learn more about the field work.